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I'm brand new to the DbVis and I was wondering if someone could help me out. I've written and SQL statement to run in DbVis that exports a .CSV file to a location on my local computer. I'm now trying to write a .BAT file that I can schedule via window task scheduler, but I can't seem to get it working. I've read through the help and post here in the support area. In the cmd window I'm trying to run the following command dbviscmd.bat -connection "My Connection" -sqlfile "C:\sql\test.sql" But I'm not getting it to run, am I missing something? Any suggestions would be great, and thanks for the help! Jerry
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Re: SQL BATCH file
Jerry, To run the dbviscmd.bat script you need to make sure any of the following is true before executing the script: - You need to cd to the installation directory for DbVisualizer in which the dbviscmd.bat script is located - Prepare the PATH environment variable so that it include the DbVisualizer installation directory - Qualify the dbviscmd.bat script with the full path Secondly you need to check that Java is available. Do this by opening a command shell and run java -version. Please post more details if these suggestions don't help. For more information about the command line interface: Regards Roger