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SQL history loads slowly

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Hi! I have SQL history with max entry size 30000000 with cca 12000 entries.I don't want to miss any command. ;) When I open SQL history window it loads slowly. I checked the directory .dbvis\History and it contains 2 times 12000 piece of files with sum size 8 megabyte. Why don't you store all the sql entries data in one or two files? Perhaps the load time of sql entries much faster from less file than as it is done now. Cheers, Zsolt
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Re: SQL history loads slowly
Zsolt, The SQL history is supposed to keep a modest number of entries (less than 4000-5000 depending on machine setup). The main intention with that feature is for preserving SQLs that has been executed recently (within the last months or so). It is not recommended for auditing and archiving of all SQLs being executed. Having a high level for Max Entries will affect performance negatively over time. Note however that the performance issue is only visible when opening the history window for the first time in a DbVisualizer session. Regards Roger