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Trying to change Database from SQL Commander

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Hi, I'm using Netezza and I would like to know if it is possible to change the default database (in our case correspond to schema) by a command. Our scenario is that we usually have scripts that manipulate tables in one database/schema and then create views in another one. I found a post from 3 years ago saying it wasn't possible, so I'm just checking it there has been any change. Alternatively, I wanted to know if from the SQL Commander we could execute some java code to do something like "Connection.setCurrentCatalog"? Many thanks, David
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Re: Trying to change Database from SQL Commander
Hi David, Sorry, but there is still no DbVisualizer client side command for setting the database/catalog. Have you checked if there is a Netezza command for setting it, e.g. ALTER SESSION SET or something similar? When you execute a script, the Catalog drop-down value is used for a call to Connection.setCatalog(). Does that work as it should with Netezza? If so, we can look into adding a client side command for doing the same. The problem is that it may not work for all databases. There are similar issues with changing the schema for some databases. Best Regards, Hans