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Unable to add comment to column/table

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Hi, I finaly connected to my database using sql server 2012 (Microsoft JDBC Driver). Everything is fine but I dont see anywhere a option to add comment to table or column. Is it because of the driver Iam using? I tried with jTDS but Iam having a big issues with port. Another question is that If I can add comments to table/columns, where are those comments stored? Iam asking because I like to comment my whole database and create file or something that other person can have a good use of. Btw. Iam using 9.1 free version of DBVisualizer.
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Re: Unable to add comment to column/table
Hi, There is currently no dialogs or similar for adding or editing comments in DbVisualizer. This is something we may add in the future and I'll add your vote for it. Instead you can execute the COMMENT command in an SQL Commander tab to add comments for database objects like tables and columns. Please see the database documentation for the syntax. To see comments for tables, open the Object View tab for the Tables node and select the Tables tab. You see the comments in the REMARKS column. Similarly for columns, open the Object View tab for the table and select the Columns tab; the REMARKS column shows the comments. I hope this helps. Best Regards, Hans