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Setting up a connection to a Teradata database

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Hi everyone, I really love DbVisualizer, because I can use it on my Mac at home or on my PC at work - I use the same environment. Great! What I'm currently fighting with is setting up a working connection to a Teradata database. I downloaded the current stable JDBC driver from Teradata's website, and extracted it to .dbvis\jdbc. There I added it with the driver manager and created a custom driver. Settings: Driver Path: C:\User\myuser\.dbvis\jdbc\terajdbc4.jar -> com.teradata.jdbc.TeraDriver URL Format: jdbc:teradata://:/ Port 1025 is the default port according their website. Teradata also specifies a type 4 jdbc connection type, jdbc:teradata://DatabaseServerName I actually tried both and I always fail, whenever trying to create a new connection. Only working option is the JDBC/ODBC bridge at the moment, however, I'd like to get it working natively. Any experiences from anyone to share for a Teradata connection? Help appreciated, thx. Regards, Thomas

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Re: Setting up a connection to a Teradata database
Hi Thomas, You have done the driver loading correct and also the database URL. I use the following to connect with the Teradata JDBC 4 driver: jdbc:teradata:// I assume the driver defaults to port 1025 and therefore it is omitted in my URL. I've used an IP address but it should work with a host name as well. What error do you get at connect? Generally we don't recommend the JDBC-ODBC bridge driver if there is a pure Java driver for the database. So you have got it right to at least try get it working with the terajdbc4.jar driver to start with. Regards Roger
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Re: Setting up a connection to a Teradata database
In Driver Manager, your new Teradata connection should use URL Format - jdbc: Driver Class - com.teradata.jdbc.TeraDriver (the latest driver version is 14.0) When you set up your Connection to your specific Teradata instance, the Database URL should be: jdbc:teradata:// (obviously, replace with your server's IP address) You shouldn't need to specify the Port Number. You will need to specify a userid and password to connect, which can be saved with the connection profile. This is what works for me, we're on v.13.10 but I use the latest v.14 driver. I've been using DBVis for over a year, since v8.0. You don't say what kind of error messages you're getting, maybe those could help diagnose your issue.