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Inspecting output from stored procedure

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Hi! I am trying out DBVIsualizer and could not find a way to view the output from a succesfully run Stored procedure. The stored proc is a simple test-proc that has one parm (INOUT) . It called ok using @call test.my_sp(${result!!helloworld!!string!!dir=inout}$); But i did not find ANY way of actually inspecting the return value, at least not with the basic version. Is it really required to buy the full "PRO" edition just to simply view the full result of an SP-call?
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Re: Inspecting output from stored procedure
Torkel, What database are you using? Can you please post the DDL for the procedure that doesn't run with the Free edition. Most features related to stored procedures are only in the Pro edition. Some @call invocations should work even with Free so it would be great if you can share more details so that we can verify. Regards Roger