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Upper case selection not working

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Hello, I have auto completion set to put everything in lower case. I would then like to make some identifiers uppercase such as a column name but when I highlight a column name and do a command-shift-U, the text flashes uppercase then immediately goes back to lowercase. I would prefer the old mechanism (maybe back in 6.0 or so) where DbVis would make keywords lowercase and identifiers uppercase. Please add my vote for such a feature. Thanks! Dwayne
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Re: Upper case selection not working
Hi Dwayne, Which DbVisualizer version are you using? A few versions back, I believe there may have been a problem with "selection to uppercase" but it should work in 9.1.3. As far as I can recall, DbVisualizer has never had a feature that automatically made keywords lowercase and identifiers to uppercase. The SQL Formatter can change all keywords to either uppercase or lowercase. That in combination with the auto completion upper/lowercase setting may be what you're looking. Best Regards, Hans