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Import Table Data -- how does it work under the hood?

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I am wondering how the Import Table Data function works internally. I have a text file with 50,000 records -- does it create 50,000 INSERT statements? i searched this forum and possibly it uses some batch commands, however I use an "unsupported" database (Teradata) so I am curious how this is handled. The reason I ask is after noticing some vast speed differences importing into very similar tables, I am trying to optimize so all the imports work like the faster ones do. Thanks.
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Re: Import Table Data -- how does it work under the hood?
Hi, It executes an INSERT statement for each record, and committing after 100 statements by default. You can change the number of statements to execute before committing in the Transaction category under Properties tab for the connection. Best Regards, Hans Edited by: Hans Bergsten on Dec 18, 2013 12:21 AM