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Memory issue in 9.1.5

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Hi, today I worked some time with DbVis. I actually viewed most time table definitions, but did not execute much statements from the commander. After finalizing a couple scripts, I executed them from a new SQL Commander window and ran into the problem, that DbVis reported high memory usage. Strange is that the script itself are not very memory consuming, from my point of view. In total I executed about 160 update and insert steps. Is there a way on how to increase the memory allocated to DbVis or is that somehow some bad behaviour of this tool? I'm also concerned about the usage already after starting it up freshly from scratch - in the right bottom corner I see about 108M if 455M used - without taking an action And this increases slightly, without any action or open DB connection. Regards, Thomas
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Re: Memory issue in 9.1.5
Hi Thomas, Without having more details, it is impossible to say if what you encountered is due to a memory leak or just normal memory usage. You can increase the memory available for DbVisualizer as described here: Seeing the memory usage increasing over time is not necessarily an indication of a problem. There are background processes running and they allocate the memory they need. The way Java handles memory allocation is (very simplified) that as long as there is memory available, it is used (you see the usage increase in the status bar). When the usage gets close to the maximum, it goes through all allocations and clears memory that is no longer used ("garbage collection") to make it available for new allocations. The Memory Monitor dialog pops up when no more memory can be cleared and the available memory is so low that new operations may not have a enough to complete. You then get a chance to manually close tabs you no longer need to make more memory available. Please see this page for some more info: Best Regards, Hans