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How to use 'TAB' key as keyboard shortcut?

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Hello everybody @ DbVis Software, i have already read the docs about 'key bindings' but i just wondered how to put that 'TAB' key as a key stroke into this 'Keystroke' input field at the 'Key Bindigs' - 'Key Stroke(s)' dialog box. This input field recognizes almost every key you type here and displays the key's function as text. Except for that 'TAB' key (that one with those two oppositional arrows, usually located just over the left side 'caps lock' key). In this case, that key isn't recognized, but just does as usual: it moves focus to the next input field or button, which is not exactly what you'd like it to do in this case ;-) So is there a way to make this key part of a combined key stroke? I'd like to add the well known shortcut 'CTRL+TAB' to tab-control. It should switch back to the last seen tab. This is useful if you want to toggle between two tabs, eg. for comparison purposes. I would add it to 'All Bindings' -> 'Main Menu' -> 'Window'. There are already those other two shortcuts for next and previous tab. Many thanks! roland Edited by: Roland on 14.01.2014 11:13 Edited by: Roland on 14.01.2014 11:28
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Re: How to use 'TAB' key as keyboard shortcut?
Hi Roland, I am afraid Tab is too integrated due to its nature with various features in Java/Swing that allow it to be remapped. I suggest you look into an alternative key binding. Regards Roger