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Retrieval Errors

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Hi, I have a scenario I am having trouble with retrieving data from an archived file, the data was archived form a SQL database using the IBM Optim data growth solution application. I am retrieving data using the DBvisualizer tool and the query I want to make is: select * from tblWFActionlog where DateLogged between '2012/06/01 10:00:00' AND '2012/06/01 11:00:00' The query runs for a long time and does not return results, it ends up over utilizing the CPU capacity to 100%. Is there an easier way to run this particular query so it returns the results quicker as expected since the data is indexed?
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Re: Retrieval Errors
Hi Mothibi, Regarding syntax errors and ways to construct the query to use indexes, I suggest you ask for advice from the database vendor. To retrieve a large number of rows without running out of memory, I suggest that you use the @export command to write the result to a file: Best Regards, Hans