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Interrupted query causes instability of DBVis

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Hi, today I encountered a very strange problem. I executed (accidentally) a SQL statement which might have returned over 200.000 records. Enough to reach DBVis' memory edge. I first pressed the continue button and tried to maybe get the statement finished, however, the warning sign popped up every 5 seconds, so I decided to stop the executing of my query. Now, weird was that the memory did not decrease anymore, even when forcing to free its memory by pressing the recycly bin in the bottom right corner. Continuing my work was impossible, the warning sign kept showing up, so I finally had to shutdown DBVisualizer. Is this normal? I mean, I stopped my query, all rows fetched should be cleared from the memory, so why did'nt DBVisualizer set the memory free again? Regards, Thomas Windows 7, actual Java version, Oracle 11, DBVis 9.1.7 (set to 512M memory)
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Re: Interrupted query causes instability of DBVis
Hi, All memory should be cleared when you stop a query and close the SQL Commander tab that you started the query in. If that does not happen, there is something still holding on to the memory. To help us figure out what is holding on to the memory, we added a Create Heap Dump button in the dialog in DbVisualizer 9.1.7. Please see the Users Guide for more info: Best Regards, Hans