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Pressing CTRL+C during Query Execution bringing down the server

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Hi, Our development team is using DbVisualizer Personal 8.0.8 for their day to day DB operations (select, delete, insert mainly). Whenever a developer presses CTRL + C during a long running query, it forces the DB server to bring down the DB Instance and the only way team is able to make connections to the DB instance is by requesting the DB Admins to restart the servers. This process is resulting in a minimum of 5 hrs productive loss. With many developers using the tool, this keeps happening by accident and has become a pain for the team. Is CTRL + C supposed to bring down the DB instance ? Is there a work arround to re-configure CTRL + C to not to do this at specific DB visualizer instances ? Any other thoughts? Thanks for the advice.
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Re: Pressing CTRL+C during Query Execution bringing down the server
Hi, Sorry to hear you're having this problem. Ctrl-C should definitely not bring down the database instance. Which database are you connected to? With the default key bindings, Ctrl-C is bound to various Copy functions. It should not send anything to the database or affect an executing query at all. Custom key bindings are specified in Tools->Tool Properties, under General/Key Bindings. With a custom keymap, Ctrl-C may have been bound to something else. If a custom map is used, select any binding and click Add Key Binding, click in the First Keystroke field and press Ctrl-C. The current bindings are then shown in then Conflicts area. If this doesn't reveal the problem, please enable debugging of DbVisualizer in Tools->Debug Window and then start a long running query in a SQL Commander and press Ctrl-C, and post or email us the debug output. Best Regards, Hans