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Remote Connect to SQL Server 2000

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I just purchased DBVis for a co-worker, and, using the same connection settings as on my install, can't connect. We are both on WIN7 PCs. Here is the error: ///////////////////// An error occurred while establishing the connection: Long Message: Network error IOException: \\\pipe\sql\query (Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password) Details: Type: java.sql.SQLException SQL State: 08S01 ////////////////// Settings: Settings Format: Database URL Database type: SQL Server Driver: SQL Server (jTDS) Database URL: jdbc:jtds:sqlserver://;DatabaseName=GRW;namedPipe=true Userid: <same as mine> Password: <same as mine> Autocommit: checked Permission Mode: Production Auth Method: SQL Server I do not remember any local settings I had to change on my PC, but I might be wrong. Any ideas on how to procede? Edited by: Roy on May 23, 2014 2:00 AM

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Re: Remote Connect to SQL Server 2000
Roy, Are your settings exactly the same? The connection tab and its details is one part of the settings but you also have the connection properties and then specifically the Driver Properties. I see in the Database URL that you are using the namedPipe=true driver property. The only thing (if all your settings match) is that the use of namedPipe may cause the problem. I have no experience with this setting and reading the documentation for it reveals no hints (this is copied from "namedPipe (default - false): When set to true, named pipe communication is used to connect to the database instead of TCP/IP sockets. When the system property starts with "windows" (case-insensitive), named pipes (both local and remote) are accessed through the Windows filesystem by opening a RandomAccessFile to the path. When the SQL Server and the client are on the same machine, a named pipe will usually have better performance than TCP/IP sockets since the network layer is eliminated. Otherwise the JCIFS library is used. JCIFS provides a pure Java named pipe implementation and uses NTLM authentication, so the domain parameter is required. This feature supports the instance parameter (which changes the named pipe URL), but it does not currently support the named pipe at a location other than /sql/query on the server. The port parameter is ignored if set." Does any of the above make any sense moving forward? Regards Roger
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Re: Remote Connect to SQL Server 2000
I solved this issue. For those who may have a similar problem: I was referencing a LAN IP for a remote server. On my PC, the IP address had credentials saved in Control Panel=>Credential Manager where my office associate did not. I added his credentials, and DBVis was given access. The error message given by DBVis gave the impression that it was a problem with the *database* credentials, when, in reality, it was *server* credentials. It took me a while, since I set up RDP access using that LAN IP, and it worked first try. I suppose the non-responsive ping should've been a tip-off. Thanks for your post, Roger. You and your team have always been responsive, and I appreciate it.