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User name is used as schema name

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Version 9.1.6 Existing schema = UTAH Login User = SMITH SQL Commander: Database and schema selected from dropdown list. CREATE TABLE TESTTABLE (... -> Error SQL0204 Schema SMITH not found. CREATE TABLE UTAH.TESTTABLE -> Error SQL2051 Qualification SMITH not equal to UTAH. DbVisualizer takes the login user as schema name. I can't find out why and how to use a schema for create table. Is there a setting "always use the login user als schema name" which I have not found yet? It's not a database server setting or so for the user, because this problem does not exist using other programs than DbVisualizer.
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Re: User name is used as schema name
Hi, Which database and driver do you use? Please choose Copy from the right-click menu in the connection's Connection Message area after you have connected and paste in your reply to answer that question. It may also help us find out what's going on if you enable debugging for DbVisualizer in Tools->Debug Window and then run the command. Copy the debug output into your reply. Best Regards, Hans