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DbVisualizer 9.1.9 not starting.

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I was running sql queries on a large dataset which resulted in a low virtual memory error. So I increased it to 800 mb and now the dbvisulaizer wont start. I tried to uninstall and reininstall again but the dbvisulaizer is not starting at all. I have a Windows 8.1 machine. I would really appreciate if someone could help me out.
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Re: DbVisualizer 9.1.9 not starting.
Hi, It sounds like you may have made a syntax error in your max memory option setting. To be able to start DbVisualizer again, open a file explorer tool on your system and remove this file depending on operating system: + Windows: C:\Users\\.dbvis\user.vmoptions + Linux/Unix: /home//.dbvis/user.vmoptions + Mac OS X: /Users//.dbvis/user.vmoptions Best Regards, Hans