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Error while Using LOAD table in SYABSE IQ 15.2

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Hi All, New to DBVis. I was trying to load a file from client to a Sybase IQ table using the following syntax: load table DBA.TestLoad (c1, c2, c3, c4 '\x0a' ) USING CLIENT FILE 'C:\TestData\loadtest.txt' QUOTES OFF ESCAPES OFF FORMAT ascii DELIMITED BY ',' This SQL statement works fine when used in DBISQL client. However when I run the same command in DBVis SQL Commander, It gives me an error that input file 'C:\TestData\loadtest.txt' does not exist. Any ideas why? The file is physically there in the directiory and I can use the file in DBISQL. Any helpis appreciated.
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Re: Error while Using LOAD table in SYABSE IQ 15.2
Hi Tario, Which JDBC driver do you use? According to the Sybase IQ documentation, the USING CLIENT FILE clause is only supported by some JDBC drivers, notably *not* by the jTDS driver. An alternative you may try is the Table Data Import feature: Best Regards, Hans