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Open/Save Multiple tabs in one action?

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I'm not sure if this is possible. If it is I haven''t figured it out yet. I usually work with many tabs open depending on what type of work I'm doing. I'd love to be able to switch between work sets so to speak. So in one set 1 I'd have table 1, table 2 and view 1. In 2 I'd have table 5, view 2, view 3, etc I thought maybe I could group various views and tables in a folder located in favorites and then open them all there at once with one click.
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Re: Open/Save Multiple tabs in one action?
Willem, It is currently not possible to group tabs the way you describe. One solution is that you open a top level window using File->New Window and use that window solely for a group of tabs. WIndows are preserved between invocations. You may even enable so that object view tabs are preserved in Tool Properties and the General / Tabs category, I have added your vote for introducing a feature to accomplish your request within a single window. Regards Roger