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Still no editing possible in "Free" version of DBvis?

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After a long time I re-visited and re-installed the newest DBvisualizer version. Unfortunately I have to notice that simple editing of values of data fields in MySQL databases is still NOT possible in the "Free" edition of DBvisualizer. If this most simple, most basic feature is disable in DBvisualizer then most probably other important features are disabled as well. Or do I have to enable edit feature somewhere? How can DBvisualizer compete with such other advanced database editors like free Toad for MySQL? DBvisualizer is unusable in the free version. Its a commercial product and free version is only a ridiculous marketing trick. I am disappointed. Peter
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Re: Still no editing possible in "Free" version of DBvis?
Peter, Thanks for your interest in DbVisualizer! As you may know there are two editions of DbVisualizer; DbVisualizer Free and DbVisualizer Pro. The Free edition is a basic lightweight variant that is offered free of charge for commercial and non commercial use. The Pro edition extends the Free edition with a number of additional features whereas spreadsheet editing is one of them. You find the feature list here: You may sign-up for an evaluation for DbVisualizer Pro in the Help menu in DbVisualizer and then chose Evaluate Pro Edition. Have a nice day. Regards Roger