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Import bug: spaces in column names

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I was having a weird problem using the "Import CSV" function tonight trying to import into an Oracle11g table. I kept getting a "ORA-00917: missing comma" error on each record in the file. At first I thought it was because I had a data item containing person names which included a comma, but removing the comma made no difference. When I enabled debug and looked at the generated INSERT statement I realized that I had a column in my table named "POSTAL CODE" and the generated INSERT statement was not quoting the column name. After I changed the column name to "POSTAL_CODE" I was able to import successfully. The "ALTER TABLE" function properly quoted the column name when I changed it. It looks like the import function needs to be modified to quote such columns in a similar manner.
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Re: Import bug: spaces in column names
Hi Steve, I assume that you use Import Table Data to New Table. If so, you can enable this by checking the "Use delimited identifiers" checkbox on the page where you describe the new table. Best Regards, Hans