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Data export issue

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Hello I am using db visualizer 9.1.10 I've got a MySQL table that has a column, "active" with data type Bit. The data that contains in that column are "0" or "1". If I use MySQL workbench query, I see the data in that column as "0" or "1". However if I query that same table in dB visualizer, it displays "true" or "false" instead. This is causing problem because I am trying to import the data to MS SQL Server table and during import, I get error that "true" or false" column does not exist. Why is dbvisualizer changing the the data format? Is there a way to fix this? Thanks Shane
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Re: Data export issue
Shane, You can modify the appearance of boolean fields in Tools->Tool Properties and in the Data Formats setting. These settings are also available in the Export feature if you are looking to temporarily override any settings. Choose 1/0 if you want to output 1 and 0 instead of true and false. Regards Roger