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DB2 connections fail to connect after upgrade

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I've fixed this myself (I think), but I'm posting here in case it helps anyone else. Problem: A couple of times now after upgrading DB Visualizer Free, my previously established connections (all DB2 LUW type) now fail to connect (they just say "Connecting, wait" and you wait forever). It happened to me when I upgraded from 9.0.7 to 9.1.1, and it's just happened upgrading from 9.1.1 to to 9.1.10. Both times I had to mess around for ages, uninstalling and installing, eventually getting it working by accident rather than identifiable reason. But I now think I've cracked it. The following procedure seems to consistently work for me: - Export all settings under old version. - Install new version. - Delete entire folder C:\Documents and Settings\\.dbvis - Start DBVisualizer - Cancel out of the "Create a new connection" wizard. - Import settings, but... - Untick the "Tool Properties\General" tickbox - Restart DbVisualizer as per the prompt (aside: it auto-closes, but I have to start it manually) - Voila - the connections all import and work If I then import *only* the "Tool Properties\General", then the problem reoccurs. Obviously I'm losing something in my options that I'm not importing; I'm not sure what; but I don't care - it all works! In case it's relevant, I was on v8 before moving to v9. UPDATE: I invested a bit more time into this; and discovered the miscreant setting was the Proxy. The default is "no proxy", but I had "use system proxy settings" in my previous install. So the above procedure can be simplified down to setting proxy back to "No Proxy" and restarting DBVisualizer. Doh. Remembering hard: I think I tried the "check for updates" and it failed and suggested changing my proxy settings. I tried that, and to my amazement it worked and downloaded the new version. I then assumed it was the install that had broken the connections and forgot all about changing the proxy setting. Seems I need proxy for the check for updates, but mustn't have it to actually use my databases! Edited by: MartinH on 12-Sep-2014 17:35 Edited by: MartinH on 12-Sep-2014 17:58 Edited by: MartinH on 12-Sep-2014 18:20

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Re: DB2 connections fail to connect after upgrade
Hi Martin, It sounds like you have been bitten by Window's overly including default for proxy settings. If you set "Use System Proxy" in DbVisualizer and use default settings for the proxy in Windows, it tries to run everything (including database connection attempts) through the proxy. To fix this: 1) Open Tools -> Internet Options in Internet Explorer (or alternatively, Control Panel Network Settings in Windows 7) 2) Open Connections tab 3) Click on LAN settings 4) If "Use a proxy server" is enabled, click Advanced and disable "Use the same proxy server for all protocols" Best Regards, Hans
[This reply is migrated from our old forums. The original author name has been removed]

Re: DB2 connections fail to connect after upgrade
Thanks Hans - that setting change worked a treat. I can now access my databases and check for updates. Martin. PS DBVisualizer is a fantastic piece of software - thank you.