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HTML export: format result data?

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Hello, in our project we are using the html output for reporting. Suppose for the moment the whole reporting is as simple as @export on; @export set format="html" filename="..."; //... // some logic to determine variable SUCCESS //... SELECT CASE WHEN SUCCESS=true THEN 'SUCCESS' ELSE SELECT 'ERROR' END AS STATUS FROM DUAL @export off; What we now want to do is to dynamically change the field STATUS depending on whether it contains 'SUCCESS' or 'ERROR'. For example, to make it bold upon success, my naive approach was simply to use html-code in the text, i.e. replace 'SUCCESS' by '< b > SUCCESS </b>' However, by doing this the characters '<' and '>' get translated into their html special character equivalents '& gt;' and '& lt;' Is there any way to avoid this and use formatted html-exported data?
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Re: HTML export: format result data?
Hi David, Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent conversion of special characters today but we have an open ticket for looking into this. I have added your vote. Best Regards, Hans