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2 questions: max rows + explain plan time in pinned tab

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Hi folks, I'm having two questions: 1) My max rows is to 1000 by default. Now I change max rows in the upper right corner of a sql commander tab to e.g. 5000 rows. If I now open a new sql commander tab, this new tab now also gets 5000 rows instead of the default 1000 rows. This is quite annoying. 2) If I execute an explain plan the result tab reads 'EXPLAN at [time]' with [time] being the current time. If I pin/unpin the tab or switch between result tabs, the [time] of the explain tab changes to the current time. It should rather show the time the explain was executed instead of the time you clicked the tab. Are there any fixes for that? Thanks, Raik
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Re: 2 questions: max rows + explain plan time in pinned tab
Raik, Thanks for your feedback. 1) The Max Rows setting for a new editor is derived from the currently visible editor or last visited editor. This behavior is by design. 2) The Explain tab label is as you say erroneously not preserved properly. I'll open a ticket and make sure this is fixed in the upcoming 9.2.2 version. Regards Roger