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Autocomplete columns popup

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I'm trying to understand some aspects of autocomplete. It's configured to automatically show, but the columns don't appear when I'd expect them to popup. 1. After typing SEL, it displays SELECT, etc. immediately, but displaying the possible field names seems convoluted. Nothing appears after typing SELECT. The only way I've found of getting it working is typing SELECT FROM (and AC shows the possible tables. After the table name is defined, you have to back arrow or click to where the field names should be defined and it works properly. I realize the field names are table dependent, but would expect ALL matching fields from all tables to appear in AC when there isn't information to qualify it. e.g. After typing SELCT ts, I'd expect to see all fields in all tables beginning with 'ts'. *Is there a way of displaying the field names in context while typing the SQL command normally?* 2. What's the trick for getting the AC templates to work? There's a handful of pre-defined entries, but typing .sf doesn't work or insert anything.. p.s. How would anyone know that CTRL-SPACE displays the popup? It doesn't seem documented anywhere. ;-( Thanks, Chris

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Re: Autocomplete columns popup
Hi, Even though I understand that it could be nice to get column name autocompletion even before entering a table name, I'm afraid it would result in very bad performance because DbVisualizer would have to ask the database for the columns of every single table in the database. And some databases are huge. Templates are triggered by the TAB key by default. Please the Users Guide for details: Ctri-Space is used for auto-completion by default. This is described in the Users Guide: Please let us know if we can be of further assistance. Best Regards, Hans
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Re: Autocomplete columns popup
Yes, the performance issues are completely understandable. I realized while continuing to play with the feature that it works as expected (field name popup) when filling in additional pieces of the query after the database has been specified. It's really just the first step in writing a complex query where my expectations didn't match up with reality. Thanks, Hans!