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MySQL : Export Database structure: tables order

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Hello, When I export database structure the resulting script gives table's CREATE in alphabetical order, and doesn't take care of PK and FK. (Engine used : Innodb) Thus, script must be re-ordered to be usable in command line or any other MySQL client. +*Same problem with data export.*+ _e.g. :_ Two tables : client, advice bq. client.idclient (PK), ... \\ advice.idadvice (PK), advice.idclient (FK), advice.label ... \\ advice.idclient is defined as FK to client Script generated starts with CREATE TABLE advice... before CREATE TABLE client... Same problem with datas, so scripts can't be use correctly without editing them manually. Do I missed a setting somewhere ? DbVisualizer Pro 9.1.13
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Re: MySQL : Export Database structure: tables order
Hi Fabrice, Do you have the Database Type set correctly for the connection, i.e. to either Auto Detect or MySQL? The generated script should create the tables in alphabetic order, as you describe, but without FKs. The FKs are added with generated ALTER TABLE statements after all CREATE TABLE statements. Best Regards, Hans