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DB2 AS/400 DBCS Double Byte Character

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I am querying data to DB2 AS/400 using DB Visualizer + JTOpen 400 but my data is encoded in DBCS as it may contain languages such as Thai, Korean, Japanese, Chinese. The result that is shown is fine when the text are in plain english but it gives me random characters when it has characters in DBCS. Can anyone help on how to configure so that it is showing correctly? The client is running on Windows 7. Sample text I get from the query which is not properly shown. Ϊס¯Ë ЯÆÐ×Í Å׿˪×Î×ÆûÇÞªÛ ê´â¯Å Thanks all.
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Re: DB2 AS/400 DBCS Double Byte Character
Hi, Have you checked that you are using a font in DbVisualizer that is capable to show the letters? Verify this in Tools->Tool Properties and the General / Appearance / Fonts category. Other than that we have no wide experience with DB2 AS/400. There is a driver property that may help in case the charset need to be encoded. Please check the following for more information: Here is a list of driver properties supported by the JTOpen driver: To set a driver property in DbVisualizer do this in the Connection Properties tab and the Driver Properties category for your AS/400 connection. I hope this helps. Regards Roger