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i will pay $$$ for a custom, simple chart for my SQL database

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hello, i need help creating a chart from SQL data. i need to do a query for a date range, for example, today to yesterday (1 day) and get a list of numbers (1 to 63 numbers). that is known as a list of one day holds. then, i need to do that for each day of the last 90 days, each day, one at a time. so for machine #1, we will get a single number for today, yesterday, and however many days we go back, 1 day at a time. we will get that for all 63 machines. now for each machine (#1 to #63) we need to add those numbers together to get the "cumulative hold". anyway it's really quite simple. for machine #1, it might be: today: 5 yesterday: 8 two days ago: 13 three days ago: -27 four days ago: 18 so the chart will be the x,y chart of how many days ago and the running total. let me know if that makes sense... i will pay you for this work! i don't need anything fancy just simple line graphs...
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Re: i will pay $$$ for a custom, simple chart for my SQL database
Craig, The charting feature in DbVisualizer is intuitive as it is used to render one column in a result set in the X-axis and one or multiple other columns as series. The chart can be displayed in several styles such as line, bar, area and more. You use the SQL Commander in DbVisualizer to refine the SQL statement that generates the result set. Once you have something you want to chart check the following for more information how to use the charting feature: We will happily assist with the use of DbVisualizer. We can however not help you with setting up the custom query that generates the result set. You will need to consult the database documentation for that. Regards Roger