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Locale not supported (Informix driver)

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Good day. Help me, pls, to solve my problem. I get errore message while i'm tring to connect to DB: An error occurred while establishing the connection: Long Message: Locale not supported. Details:    Type: java.sql.SQLException    Error Code: -79784    SQL State: IX000 Database URL I use for connection: jdbc:informix-sqli://XX.XX.XX.XX:YYYY/mydb:informixserver=ol_serv;DB_LOCALE=ru_ru.1251 IF I try to connect to another DB with same locale parameter - everything is working. Even I can see mydb database also. But get error 'locale not supported' if i try to open tables in that DB. What's wrong? Thank you.
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Re: Locale not supported (Informix driver)
Hi Yulya, This message comes from the database itself, not from DbVisualizer. I'm afraid I don't have a solution for you, so I suggest you search the net for "Informix locale not supported" or ask for help in an Informix forum instead. Best Regards, Hans