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Show single record when browsing table

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I'm a user of TOAD but switching to DbVisualizer. Then I'm view data in a table, the default view is rows and columns. TOAD has a way to show a single record with the column names vertically displayed with the column value, and allows you to step one through the data one record at a time. I found this valuable when I have tables that are rather wide column wise. It makes it easier to find specific fields rather than horizontal scrolling to find the column. Is this possible in DbVisualizer? Thank, Scott
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Re: Show single record when browsing table
Hi Scott, Welcome to DbVisualizer! You can view/edit a row the same way as in TOAD. Use *Edit Row in Window* from the right-click menu, or just double-click the row number as a shortcut. We have a ticket open on adding navigation buttons to the window so that you can move between the rows. I have added your vote for this feature. Best Regards, Hans