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connection to remote informix database

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Hi, I'm using DBVIS 7.1.5 build #1590 to access 2 Informix databases, both in the same domain. The first database in EMEA connects without any isue, for the other one in APAC visualizer is appending my local host name to the username and fails to login with error message : Long Message: Incorrect password or user com.informix.asf.IfxASFRemoteException: myuser@mylocalip[mylocalhost] is not known on the database server. Details:    Type: java.sql.SQLException    Error Code: -951    SQL State: IX000 The user 'myuser' does effectivly exist on that database and I'm entering the correct pwd. Any ideas ? thanks Guy
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Re: connection to remote informix database
Guy, The error message about incorrect password or user is composed by the Informix JDBC driver and not DbVisualizer. You may debug what DbVisualizer is sending to the database at connect by enabling debug mode in Tools->Debug Window. I also suggest you or your DBA look at the DB server logs in case those can give further details. Regards Roger Ps. DbVisualizer 7.1.5 is very old and a general recommendation is that you look into upgrading to the most recent 9.2.x versions.