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Keyboard shortcut for 'Max Rows'?

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I frequently have to change the value in 'Max Rows'. I set it to 0 when executing something which will populate all the rows in a table then I change it to 1000 when viewing a subset of those rows. This is something I do frequently. Is there any keyboard shortcut that will get me into the 'Max Rows' box so I can quickly change this number without having to use the mouse? If there is a keyboard shortcut for this, is there then a keyboard shortcut which will get me back to my current edit position in the editor pane? Any tips/tricks/pointers would be appreciated. (I really wish dbvis had a 'List all keyboard shortcuts' feature). - Tom

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Re: Keyboard shortcut for 'Max Rows'?
Tom, It is currently not possible to use the keyboard to focus the Max Rows field. I will open a ticket for it. I have also added your vote for a summarized overview of keyboard shortcuts. Regards Roger

Just to inform that we have released a beta version of the upcoming DbVisualizer 11.0 which includes a filtering capability in the key bindings editor and a function to export all key bindings to a document.

Would be great to get your feedback on the new version.





Just to inform you that DbVisualizer 11.0 has been released with an improved key bindings editor. 

You find the full release notes and download on our web.

In DbVisualizer open Help->Check for Update to run the upgrade or download from our web site.

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance with any questions you may have.