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Foreign keys tab missing

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Hi, First hours on DBVis so I am still very much in the learning mode, using the Evaluation period (thank you). Currently I seem to be unable to create a foreign key constraint between two MySQL InnoDB tables. The foreign key tab from the online documentation is simply missing in the GUI. The docs show a completely different view, where all table operations (foreign key, unique and check constraints) are nicely tab-grouped when editing a table. What did I do: I double-clicked the table. A series of tabs opens up where the first tab "info" shows InnoDB engine, version 10. I clicked the Columns tab, tried Maximize Tab, tried Floating, tried Restore Hidden Tabs, to no avail. There *+is+* a references tab, but that one doesn't allow me to create foreign key constraints. Since I am also new to the Mac, I don't know yet how to create a screenshot. So here are the tabs that I *+do+* see: - Info - Columns - Data - Row Count - Primary Key - Indexes - Grants - Row Id - References - Navigator - DDL - Native DDL - Triggers I have now created the constraint at the command-line on the server, but there must be a DbVis-way. DbVis info: Product: DbVisualizer Pro 9.2.10 [Build #2477] [EVALUATION] OS: Mac OS X OS Version: 10.10.5 OS Arch: x86_64 Java Version: 1.7.0_80 Java VM: Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM Java Vendor: Oracle Corporation Java Home: /Applications/ DbVis Home: /Applications/ User Home: /Users/Erik PrefsDir: /Users/Erik/.dbvis SessionId: 932 BindDir: /Users/Erik/.dbvis/[2] Thanks in advance. Kind regards, Erik.
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Re: Foreign keys tab missing
Hi Erik, It sounds like you are looking for the Alter Table action. You find it in the right-click menu for a selected table node, and also in the Actions menu button in the upper right corner of the Object Views tab for the table (the one you get when double-clicking the table node, with all the sub tabs you listed). Best Regards, Hans