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Using java.sql.statement.setFetchSize override

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Hi, I have added the driver property java.sql.statement.setFetchSize to an Oracle database connection to increase the amount of rows transferred per fetch. This seems to work correctly when I run the SQL from within DbVisualizer but if I use the batch option ?dbviscmd.bat? running the same SQL it is not transferring data at the same rate. The SQL is called using the option ?SQL ?@run member.SQL ? and I pass a couple of variables. It uses @export to save the data to a file. Running on version 9.2.9 Is there another option that I should be setting? Thanks Adam
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Re: Using java.sql.statement.setFetchSize override
Adam, To debug what is happening add the -debug flag to dbviscmd: dbviscmd -debug -connection ... There will be a lot of output in the terminal window. I just checked the setFetchSize() setting and it is called which can be seen in the debug output. From a DbVisualizer perspective the same code is executed both in the GUI and the command-line interface. How do you verify there is a difference? Regards Roger