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@export qualify tables

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Hi, trying to export table data I hoped to use something like @export set filename="pathToFile..." sqlqualifier="xyz"; select * from xyz.table; to find in something like insert into xyz.table values (....); instead I always get insert into table values (....); without any qualifier. Is there any way to get qualified table names? Thanks F. Arndt
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Re: @export qualify tables
Hi, What you show in your example should work, assuming you also specify SQL as the format: @export on; @export set filename="/tmp/foo.sql" Format="SQL" sqlqualifier="xyz"; select * from HR.COUNTRIES; @export off; gives INSERT INTO xyz.COUNTRIES (COUNTRY_ID, COUNTRY_NAME, REGION_ID) VALUES ('AR', 'Argentina', 2); ... If this doesn't work for you, please tell us which DbVisualizer version you use and if you use the Free or the Pro edition. Best Regards, Hans