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Monitor table row count

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Two questions 1) How do you create a row count monitory. I read this in the user guide: "The right-click menu in the Data tab grid for a table therefore has a Create Row Count Monitor operation that creates a monitored statement for you automatically." When I right click in my results I don't see this option 2) I ended up setting up a row count monitory manually. How do I run it on a daily job or does this happen automatically? I'm pretty much using it as a hacky way to track monthly active users on a rolling basis. Here's my query SELECT '${DbVis-Date}$' as day, COUNT(DISTINCT user_id) AS num_users FROM events WHERE created_on > CURRENT_DATE - INTERVAL '30 day' GROUP BY day I want a table that updates daily from running this query.
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Re: Monitor table row count
Hi, I've added a screenshot that shows where in the Data tab grid the Row Count Monitor choices are located. For instructions in general how the Monitor feature works best is if you check the section in the users guide: Briefly there is an option in the Tools->Data Monitor window to automatically run the queries at a specified interval. Regards Roger