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How to move settings folder ".dbvis" to another directory?

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As far as I can see DBvis stores all its preferences in a folder ".dbvis" in the users home directory. Under Windows 7 it is: C:\Users\M\.dbvis\ How can I move this folder to another location? E.g. to a subfolder of the DBvis installation folder: D:\tools\Dbvis\.dbvis\ I found no such option inside the DBvis GUI Thank you Peter
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Re: How to move settings folder ".dbvis" to another directory?
Peter, First we do not recommend putting the .dbvis folder in the program installation folder. The reason is that it may then be visible for multiple users, and at risk if upgrading to another version. For general guidelines how to specify another folder please check the following: Even though the subject is how to run DbVisualizer on a memory stick it, the instructions can be applied in a standard desktop setup. Regards Roger