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Hello Support Community, i got a new PC, exported and imported the Configuration from our DBVis 8.0.12 and got the following error: ERROR: Adding GLOBAL action com.onseven.dbvis.l.A.editor-toggle-show-special-command while the following action(s) are already registered: GLOBAL:com.onseven.dbvis.l.A.editor-toggle-show-special-command Any clue what i can do? I am on Windows 7 Pro 32-bit. Thank you, Bjoern
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Re: GLOBAL:com.onseven.dbvis.l.A.editor-toggle-show-special-command
Bjoern, What Java version are you using? If it is Java 8 you will either need to downgrade to Java 7 or upgrade your license so that it is valid for use with DbVisualizer 9.2.x (supports Java 8). Easiest to downgrade is that you install DbVisualizer using an installer that include Java 7: For renewal of your license, visit the following web page for pricing and instructions: If you have any further questions, please let me know. Regards Roger