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Postgresql connection error

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Hello, I'm novice in DbVis. I've installed Postgresql 9.5.0 as OS X application ( -- " is a simple, native Mac OS X app that runs in the menubar without the need of an installer. Open the app, and you have a PostgreSQL server ready and awaiting new connections. Close the app, and the server shuts down.") and got the following error during connection process: ------------------------ Product: DbVisualizer Free 9.2.14 [Build #2495] OS: Mac OS X OS Version: 10.11.2 OS Arch: x86_64 Java Version: 1.8.0_60 Java VM: Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM Java Vendor: Oracle Corporation Java Home: /Applications/ DbVis Home: /Applications/ SessionId: 366 An error occurred while establishing the connection: The selected Driver cannot handle the specified Database URL. The most common reason for this error is that the database URL contains a syntax error preventing the driver from accepting it. The error also occurs when trying to connect to a database with the wrong driver. Correct this and try again. ------------------------ I updated jdbc driver up to 9.4-1207 from, but have not success. Can anybody explain, what is error reason? Thank in advance.
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Re: Postgresql connection error
Hi, Please post a screenshot of the Connection tab. Regards Roger