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Connecting a MS Project mpp file via JDBC

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Hi. I need to connect a MS Project .mpp file (Project 2010, not "Enterprise") and I've found in the net a jdbc driver here: In the web page above, describing driver feature, there is a note for DbVisualizer too (as the 1st attached pic). I've downlaoded the driver and tried to use it, pointing to either a .mpp file in my sharepoint area either to another file on my local hard disk: none of them work... :-( The connection seems estabilished (secon pic), but TABLE and VIEW section are empty at all.... :-( Have anybody else had any experience in connecting an .mpp file with Dbvisualizer? Thanks!
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Re: Connecting a MS Project mpp file via JDBC
Sergio, I suggest you check with the driver vendor as we have no experience using their drivers. Regards Roger