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auto jion not working

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At work I'm on DbViz 9.2.15. I would like to use the auto-join feature in the query builder. In the relevant driver (MySQL) I ticked the Auto-Join Enabled box in Query Builder Auto Join Propoerties, joining by FK/PK declarations. However, nothing happens when I drop tables into the query builder that have FK/PK relationships. In fact, when I'm connecting to the same database from home with DbViz the auto-join feature works fine. There must be some other setting that is interfering here but I can't spot a difference between the two. Do you know which setting might cause this? Thanks a lot!
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Re: auto jion not working
Hi Frank, There is no other Query Builder setting involved, but make sure the Database Type for the connection is set to Auto Detect or MySQL. If it still doesn't work, please open Tools->Debug Window and enable debugging for DbVisualizer. Then perform this operation again and include the debug output in your reply. Best Regards, Hans