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Using dbVis to connect to LDAP

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Hello, I'm using the JDBC>LDAP bridge in order to try and connect to our local LDAP using dbVisualizer. I am able to connect to LDAP, but get a error or "null, null, null, null" when I connect. dbVisualizer says the command that caused the problem is getTableTypes. Then I cannot see any tables/directory structures under the resource I'm connected to. Anyone else have success connecting to LDAP using dbVisualizer? What driver did you use and what connection string works? Thank you, Mike
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Re: Using dbVis to connect to LDAP
Mike, We have no experience with the LDAP driver but it seems based on the error message that it doesn't fully support the JDBC API. I assume you are able to connect in DbVisualizer but fail to expand the connection in the Databases tab? I suspect the driver only supports running DML commands and that it is not possible to browse the database. Does it work running for example a SELECT statement in the SQL Commander tab in DbVisualizer? Regards Roger