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New Support portal for DbVisualizer

This is the new support portal for DbVisualizer. Here you find Solutions (FAQ), Discussion Forums and Support ticket management.

The Support forum is used to discuss topics related to help with installing, using or reporting problems with DbVisualizer.

Gotta admit, I liked the old forums better. The one feature that I really REALLY miss is the way that the old forums tracked the posts that had been read so that each time I returned I could see what was new since my last visit. I don't see a way to view my posting history either.


Hi Steve,

I agree that the tracking of what you had read is sorely missed. Hopefully it will be added in a future version of the forum software (we have already suggested it to the vendor). The old forum software had not been updated for years and had both bugs and lacked important features, such as modern formatting. Another advantage was that we are now able to provide a complete support portal, with forums, tickets, and FAQ combined.

Best Regards,


Freshdesk's strengths are definitely support via email and phone, not so much the forum piece.  That being said, I've been very impressed with their company and willingness to improve.  Hope it works out well for you guys!

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