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Command Line - Database Connection Issue

Hey Everyone!

I hope someone here has had the same issue I am having and solved for it! I have spent the majority of today Googling and trying things without success including searching these forums which I just found!

I am able to use the command line without issue on one data source, but another is giving me problems connecting. 

We connect to this SQL server through DBVisualizer without issue, but using the Command Line I cannot get it to work. I think it may be related in how we are connecting. In DBVis we don't have to have a username or pass as the SQL Server lets anyone in our Global Group connect.

SQL State:08S01 

Example code:

dbviscmd.bat -connection "impact" -sqlfile "...Address\Test.sql"

Does anyone have some thoughts on how we can get this to connect?

Thanks Everyone!


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Hi Brian,

I answered your support request about the same thing. Let's keep the conversation there, as we are about to migrate this forum over to a new platform.

Best Regards,


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