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Records seperated when pasting multiple rows

I've found that sometimes when I paste multiple rows of data from Excel into a data tab (Ctrl+I followed by Ctrl +V), DbVis can sometimes split them and show the first record separated from the remaining records.

When there's a lot of records that can be disconcerting as it appears as though you've only pasted one record (the others have actually been pasted in to the grid, it's just you need to scroll to see them).

I think the current sort order of the table has something to do with the issue.


You are right that any current sorting will rearrange the pasted rows.




I can understand that if I chose to re-sort the data after pasting records, my new records might be separated, but I would have thought that when initially pasted, the records should be been kept together (it makes for a simpler, cleaner user experience in my opinion). 

I'm wondering why DbVis does a sort after pasting the new records in to the grid...what's the rationale behind that?

I also noticed a similar thing occurs when you press Insert - the (single) new record (all nulls that stage) is inserted as the first item in the list (nulls are being sorted before any other value it seems). This means the DbVis needs to refresh the grid in order to make sure the new record is visible, which I don't think is desirable behaviour (sometimes I'm inserting a record based on an existing record and then DbVis moves me back to the first item in the data set and so I lose visibility of my reference record).

In short, this is what I think would work best (at least for the way I use the product):

1. When you Press Insert, a blank record is added below the currently selected record - e.g. If record 10 is selected then the new record is inserted on row 11.

2. If you then pasted multiple rows of data (say 3 rows), then DbVis would insert the additional rows sequentially below the first inserted row (so that now rows 11, 12 and 13 have been inserted).

If I did want the sort applied after the insert, I could click on the appropriate column(s) to achieve that.

I appreciate this is being a little bit picky, but I just wanted to share my thoughts on how I think the product can be made a little bit easier to use...


We have made a few changes in this area in the upcoming 9.5 version which is currently available in a BETA version. I suggest you give it a try.



Roger, The beta version is responding in the same way...

Here's a some screenshots of what it's doing and what I'd prefer it would do:


Sorry for the delay.

There are a few technical challenges related to inserting and pasting new rows when the grid is sorted and your tests shows two of them. I agree the result is not what one would expect and will open a new ticket for it.

The main changes in the BETA version is that inserting or pasting while having a quick filter preserves the new and pasted row(s) even if those do not match the quick filter.

I'll convert this forum post to a support ticket so that we can track it in our feature request system.



Thanks Roger

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