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SQL ERROR on query that ran perfectly in previous versions

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Hi, I have an error occuring when running a SQL statement (see error message below) in DBVisualiser Version 91.2029 that I just downloaded and installed. The query has not been modified since the last 12 months and ran perfectly until this morning (before the BETA version was installed). Has this anything to do with the BETA version ? Windows 7, I installed DBVis BETA with JAVA included. [Error Code: 1843, SQL State: 22008] ORA-01843: not a valid month simple query on our 'track&trace' database: *{color:#FF00FF}+select newartnr as ARTNR, 'W26' as WEEKNUMBER, to_char(to_date(newdaydt),'YYYY') as YEAR, sum(newqty) as QUANTITY from stockevents+* *+where handlingtype = 'DL1'+ * *+and newartnr = '314''+* *+and newdaydt >= '24-06-2013'+* *+and newdaydt <= '30-06-2013'+* *+group by 'W26', to_char(to_date(newdaydt),'YYYY'),newartnr+* *+order by year asc, weeknumber asc, newartnr asc+{color}*

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Re: SQL ERROR on query that ran perfectly in previous versions
Hi, The just released 91.2030 BETA version include a fix for the formatting problem. You may also try the new upgrade feature in the Tools->Check for Update window in DbVisualizer. It supports installing the new version without having to visit and download from our web site. Regards Roger