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700.1475 - wrong commander session starts running

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Hi Roger, it is hard to tell when this exactly is going to happen, it is happening in the prod release and in the ea. Sometimes when I hit (apple-enter) to execute the sql in the current window, I see that an other window receives it and is going to execute. That is not always funny or harmless .... It just happened again, the plsql block in (2) was finished and I wanted to run the qry in (1) again. Instead of this qry, the plsql was started again. Before the plsql ended I did execute the sql in (1) so the only thing that happened was 1) start plsql in (2) 2) switch to (1) 3) execute query (apple-enter) 4) normal end of plsql in (2) 5) apple-enter in the current window to start the sql again to see the plsql in (2) start again. I did not change tabs in between. I hope this gives enough info to fix this annoying bug. best regards, Ronald.
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Re: 700.1475 - wrong commander session starts running
Ronald, I've finally been able to reproduce this. We'll take a look at it. Thanks for sharing it with us. Best Regards Roger