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Edit data in Navigator tab

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A nice enhancement to the Navigator data grid would be to be able not only to view the rows/cells but also to edit the values like in the Data view. Of course I know that this possibly could cause problems with synchronizing the display, if a row gets deleted which already has dependencies displayed in the model and so on (shouldn't be possible to delete then anyway because of integrity constraints). Maybe this could only be enabled if the currently selected entry has no further dependencies displayed? If this is not possible, maybe a shortcut could be created like "Select row in Data view" which automatically switches to the Data view and pre-selects the corresponding row in the table for further editing?
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Re: Edit data in Navigator tab
Hi, Thanks for your suggestions. Editing in the Navigator grid is something we will be looking at more closely shortly. Like you say, there are certain risks so if we enable it at all, it will likely be restricted in some way. We will also consider your idea about "Select row in Data view" when we look at this. Best Regards, Hans