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SQL History -- Way to expand length for search?

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Hi, I just LOVE the 'SQL History' feature. The first thing I always do is set 'Max Entries' to 5000! However, sometimes when I search for a particular query using the Search Widget (top-right corner), I notice that the content being searched is limited to the text displayed in the table, which truncates the query at 50 characters. For example, if I have a long query, I can only search for the text that appears in the "Script/SQL Statement' column -- I can't search the complete query for the word or phrase. Is there a way to increase the amount of text shown in the 'Script/SQL Statement' column, or a way to have it search the entire query? Thanks!
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Re: SQL History -- Way to expand length for search?
John, Thanks for your post. The quick filter searches only the visible part in the list and not in the actual SQL code. I agree that this is somewhat limited and we have on the todo for the next feature version to allow searching the SQL as well. Best Regards Roger