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SQL Commander double-click improvements

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If I double-click on a word it selects the word and if I triple-click, it selects a line. All works fine until I have a table or variable with underscores, where it considers an underscore to mark the end of a word. Consider for example, the query: bq. +select here_is_a_long_field_name from @a_long_table_variable_name+ If I wanted to rename the field that was being selected I would expect to double-click on +here_is_a_long_field_name+ but that only selects only part of the name (e.g. long). Triple-clicking selects the whole line and the double-click-and-drag approach I would expect to work as a last resort also fails to do the trick. Is there any chance the editor can be enhanced to support underscores when double-clicking?
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Re: SQL Commander double-click improvements
Hi, I will add you vote for this request in our tracking system. Thanks! Best Regards Roger